Why short-term rentals are better than long-term rentals for landlords in Dubai?

Why short-term rentals are better than long-term rentals for landlords in Dubai?
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Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. As a result, many tourists and expats prefer a homely touch to their vacations and opt for short-term rental properties, including holiday homes and BnBs. These types of properties provide a hassle-free experience, access to appliances, and all-inclusive utility bills, making them a popular choice in the city. 


The flexible nature of short-term rentals is one of their main advantages. Landlords can use their property whenever they please, irrespective of the season, without being legally bound by a long-term contract. This gives landlords more freedom and control over their property.

More rental income

Short-term rentals generate more rental income than long-term rentals. Landlords have been reported to make roughly 20-40% more income from short-letting their property. Although the costs of setting up the property may be overwhelming, the returns make up for more than the costs involved. In addition, the nature of short-term rental homes allows for easier upkeep and maintenance, which can reduce other expenditures.

No hidden costs

One of the factors that can hold owners back from short-letting their property is the fear of hidden costs and damages. However, this concern can be addressed by property management companies. Bnbme, for example, has an in-house team that takes care of everything, from property setup to maintenance, ensuring that landlords have a hassle-free experience.

Property management

Managing a short-term rental property can be a tedious process. Property management companies can ease this burden by providing complete property management services, including furnishing, utilities, and setup, at a much faster pace. This ensures that landlords' properties are fully set up before they are marketed, making them more attractive to potential guests.

Why choose bnbme?

Proactive marketing

Partnering with an established company with an expert marketing team can help landlords promote their properties. bnbme's marketing efforts include social media tactics, targeted campaigns, and listing management on major channels such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Propertyfinder, and Dubizzle. This ensures that landlords' properties are visible to potential guests, increasing the chances of consistent bookings.


bnbme offers several modes of communication and channels to ensure that landlords are kept well-informed about any concerns. As a landlord, you will have a point of contact to reach out to and get assistance within moments. This ensures that landlords have a hassle-free experience and are always aware of what is happening with their properties.

Accelerate guest experience

bnbme's dedication to providing satisfying guest experiences from the initial check-in process to the final check-out ensures that guests are satisfied. This leads to consistent bookings and ensures that landlords can keep their properties consistently booked with a full calendar.

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