Faq Section

For Guests

Yes, you can book a property, you may check on our website with a local ID proof. There is no law that allows holiday homes authorities to prohibit the local couples from spending time with each other in a holiday homes room.

Visit bnbmehomes.com, choose the location you want to go, then reserve it for the dates you want and make the payment.

Visit bnbmehomes.com choose the location you want to go and you will see our best property in that particular location.

You’ll find your payment confirmation in your confirmation email. From the email, there is also an option to download a payment confirmation PDF.

Sometimes, you are expected to pay taxes and charges upon arrival. If this is the case, the amount is stated before you book and in your confirmation email. If no amount is stated, you should not pay anything upon arrival.

If you’d like to request an extra service like an extra bed, early check-in, or transportation to the property, please contact us on +971 800 26263 directly, 1-2 days before arrival. There is no guarantee, but we may be able to help you.

It depends on the property’s policy. Typically, additional costs for children (including extra beds/cots) are not included in the price. Please contact us on +971 800 26263 directly 1-2 days before your stay.

You can find this in your booking confirmation email.

For property owners

We suggest using our unique calculator to provide the most precise estimate of how much revenue your property will generate. The location of your property, the number of bedrooms it has, and the demand of the guests will determine the amount your property will generate.

No, you cannot list your property by yourself. We highly recommend you to leave it in the hands of experienced professionals. They will take care of all the aesthetical changes needed, get them property professionally shot, and do all the required listing and marketing for your property. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your financial freedom with a profit that is 50% higher than long-term rentals.

We can surely assist you in listing your property. However, the moment you get on board with bnbme with your property, you do not need to do anything. Our expert personnel would start taking care of each of the requisites. There are specialists to maintain, list, and advertise your property to maximize the profit margin for you.

We list properties with the aim of the highest possible occupancy while taking care of periodic professional cleaning and upkeep. We also aim to make a reasonable number of reservations over a year and communicate well with the guests. We offer excellent booking rates with realistic pricing. All this also depends on the guests’ stay. Some guests prefer to stay for a shorter duration. However, many people enjoy staying for 2-3 months at a property. For those who live in the house regularly, our holiday maintenance service ensures that your home is always clean and well-maintained.

bnbme prides itself in a comprehensive screening procedure that ensures guests staying in your home will keep it in perfect condition. Before and after each stay, the property is properly inspected. In the event of damage, we handle all aspects and arrange for the proper maintenance. We offer a Host Guarantee that protects hosts if damage occurs during the occupancy. We also have a guest deposit policy to mitigate any such damage-related situations.

No, our policies do not allow you to do so. We strongly suggest you to leave the hassle to us and let us handle the rest. Our designers, marketing team, and photographers will ensure that your property will get onboard smoothly and with full transparency without any complications, in your best interest.