About Us

Are you looking for an easy way to increase your income
by leasing your home in Dubai or India?

BNBME is a holiday homes management company made up of a team of friendly, experienced, and professional Hoteliers. As one of the best short-term property management companies in Dubai and India, we work hard to maintain our great reputation by providing convenience for property owners as well as a comfortable and unique experience for holiday home guests.

Unlike other Airbnb management services, BNBME takes into account what the owner wants to get out of their property. We figure out what each property owner wants to get out of their holiday home-whether it be constant tenancy or time for personal stays as well-then we consider those goals in order to give an estimate on a realistic rental price.

Our short-term property management is the best that you can get! When your property is in our hands, we make sure that it is given the best care possible. Before allowing guests to stay in your holiday home, we do a careful screening to make sure that they will be the right fit in making sure that your property maintains its great shape so that you can get the highest possible return for your property. We give guests a great experience and, after they leave, we give the property the care it needs so that everything is in its place for the next guests that walk through the door. Basically, we take care of the nitty gritty parts of renting out your holiday home so that you don't have to!

Management Team

Shilpa Mahtani

Shilpa Mahtani Director of Business

Vinakyak Mahtani

Vinakyak Mahtani CEO

Saskia Polhout

Saskia Polhout Director Operations

Amit Nayyar

Amit Nayyar Director Finance

Manasa Shetty

Manasa Shetty Revenue Manager

Gaurav Gulati

Gaurav Gulati Director Marketing


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